FASGI is a non-profit neighborhood-based health and human care provider. Incorporated in 1981, FASGI has grown into one of the leading independent providers of health and social services for low-income underserved Filipino American families and others in Los Angeles County. From its inception, FASGI's chartered mission has remained to empower the underserved through culturally-competent care, advocacy, social services, education, social action, research and leadership. During over two decades of providing culturally-competent social services, FASGI has helped prevent unnecessary or early institutionalization of thousands of underserved, low-income individuals, especially seniors.

FASGI receives support from federal, state, county, and city governments; private foundations and corporations; and individual donors and community organizations.

Mission Statement

"To improve the quality of life of our community through health, housing, advocacy, education and research"

FASGI Community Report

2012 Report
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More on FASGI Services

FASGI has been providing culturally appropriate case management, transitional housing, health and other social services to families and individuals, including older adults, since 1981. Services are provided to all who are in need regardless of a person's age, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual orientation, or economic background.

>> Physical Health

FASGI links those who are unable to pay for their health care with affordable community health resources. We provide a peer-to-peer nutrition and physical fitness program to prevent and manage health conditions caused by poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. We conduct educational fora on various health issues, such as cancer, diabetes, preventive health, community wellness, and diet and exercise. We also coordinate free PAP smears, mammograms, blood pressure screenings and health exams.

>> Mental Health

Individuals with mental illness have a nurturing and non-judgmental home at FASGI. We provide access to an innovative array of mental health services that take into account our clients' cultural background. We value the confidentiality of our clients.

>> Case Management

FASGI provides full managed care to adults aged 18 and over to prevent crisis or early institutionalization. Clients are thoroughly assessed of their needs and linked to appropriate services until all goals of the client's care plan are met. The new Business Resource and Visitors' Centers serve to support the day to day operations for FASGI and as employment training sites.

>> Housing

Homeless adult individuals are provided board and lodging at FASGI's 16-bed shelter with the main goal of placing them in permanent housing and increasing their skills, income, and sense of self-determination. Individualized service plans for participants include independent living skills, permanent housing and employment referrals.