Partner Programs

By: Lyn Pacificar/Herbalaria, LLC
Herbalaria LLC, located in East Hollywood, California, is founded by Lyn Pacificar, a Filipina-American modern-day albularya (healer) of Visayan descent.  Herbalaria’s mission is to bring value, recognition, and appreciation of Filipino plant and energetic medicine.  All products are natural, hand-made in ritual, vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, full of positive energy, made with crystal essences, auspicious astrological timing, and organic ingredients.  For more on Herbalaria, visit

By: Colleagues Communications/Christopher Aguilar
This play is the story of Stan De la Cruz and his battle with bipolar disorder. Stan gets hospitalized twice and his family finds ways to cope and help him through. After growing up with medications, Stan learns how to navigate his adult life and realizes the importance of family.

By: Historic Filipinotown Knights of Rizal
Established by the Historic Filipinotown Knights of Rizal, Talakayan is a discussion group that deals with international and national issues relevant to the Filipino American community. The group meets weekly on Wednesdays at noontime. Everyone is welcome to join these lively discussions.

By: Pilipino Workers Center (PWC)
PWC offers assistance to victims of human trafficking by providing legal and health service referrals.  FASGI partners with PWC through the provision of mental health services to victims of human trafficking.  For more information, contact PWC at 213-250-4353.