LIFE Bus Coupon Program

– formerly the Rider Relief Transportation Program (RRTP)

Bus/Metro riders, based on eligibility, may obtain coupons at the FASGI Bayanihan Center to save on the cost of fares. In order to be eligible for these coupons, riders must fill-in an application form and show their tap cards, official identification (issued by the State of California or other official government entity; students must provide school IDs), and proof of income (such as Medi-CAL or EBT card, income tax return, W-2) to FASGI Staff.  FASGI Bayanihan Center is located at 135 N. Park View St., Los Angeles, CA 90026.  For more information, please call 213-908-5050.

NOTE:  This program is currently not in operation, but may be resumed in the future.