Steps for Naturalization

Please follow these directions to access our application forms online.

1.     Complete the following forms:

a.     Citizenship Checklist Requirements

b.     form S1 – Privacy Release Agreement

c.      form S2 – Consultation Questionnaire

d.     form S3 – Naturalization Processing Requirements

e.     form S4 – Questionnaire

NOTE:  When clicking on one of the documents above, a new window will pop up with the document in your currently installed PDF viewer.  Fill in your answers as much as you can and save on your hard disk.  eMail the saved documents to:

2.     Additional documents we will need from you:

a.     Front & back copy of your Lawful Permanent Card/Green Card.

b.     Copy of your current passport – If you have travelled in the last 5 years, please include pages showing the stamps in your passport (arrival/departure/US Re- entry) corresponding to your travels in the last 5 years.  If you have renewed your passport, and your older passport was used in the last 5 years, please send us a copy of your older passport and the pages showing the stamps of your travels in the last 5 years.

c.      Copy of your 2019 Income Tax Return Form 1040. If you did not file your 2019 Income Tax Return but you are declared a dependent on someone else’s Income Tax, please send us a copy of the 2019 Income Tax Return Form 1040 showing you as a dependent.

eMail copies of these documents to:

3.     FASGI requests a donation of $ 130.00 in the form of either a Bank or Postal Money Order.  Please make the Money Order payable to FASGI.
 Indicate your name and A- number, and mail the Money Order to:

FASGI (Filipino-American Service Group, Incorporated)

Attn:  Yey Coronel

135 North Park View Street

Los Angeles, CA  90026



1.     Once your application forms and documents are received, we will call you to set a phone interview to complete your naturalization application.

2.     After the phone interview, you will be scheduled for your Legal Review.

3.     When the Legal Review is completed and your application is approved, your application form will be mailed to you to sign then send to USCIS.